Drawing With Words

Starting with insights taken from drawing, Drawing With Words is a curriculum that examines the relationship of observation to writing. 

Even a cursory experience of life drawing exposes the need for a different kind of ‘looking’ to translate three dimensions into two. This course considers how such a perceptual shift might be applicable to writing. Through a series of exercises, readings, and close textual analysis we engage with writing as a multidimensional process aimed at providing insights about the mind and our relationship to the world/reality. 


This is not a critique course, nor a course about narrative structure or style! This curriculum is aimed at generating a discussion about writing, and developing a practice that is less painful, more generative and more insightful. Participants are asked to write daily throughout the duration of the course, but observation exercises also include drawing, walking, listening, improvisation and close collaboration with others. Readings are drawn from fiction, essays, philosophy, art, performance, and various mystical traditions.